SPRO-2015 Workshop Programme

  • 09.00     Intro  by Paolo Falcarin, Brecht Wyseur
  • 09.10     Keynote 1: Bart Preneel   Printable version

Session 1 – Software Protection Techniques (Session Chair Mariano Ceccato)

  • 10.00     Obfuscator-LLVM – Software Protection for the Masses Printable version
    Pascal Junod (HEIG-VD), Julien Rinaldini (HEIG-VD), Johan Wehrli (HEIG-VD) and Julie Michielin (Kudelski Security)
  • 10.30     Morning Break
  • 11.00     Matryoshka: Strengthening Software Protection via Nested Virtual Machines  Printable version
    Sudeep Ghosh (Microsoft Corp.), Jason Hiser (University of Virginia) and Jack Davidson (University of Virginia)
  • 11.30     Using Virtual Machine Protections to Enhance Whitebox Cryptography
    Joseph Gan (V-Key), Roddy Kok (V-Key), Pankaj Kohli (V-Key), Dr. Yun Ding (V-Key) and Benjamin Mah (V-Key)
  • 12.00     Obfuscating Windows DLLs  Printable version
    Bert Abrath (Ghent University), Bart Coppens (Ghent University), Stijn Volckaert (Ghent University) and Bjorn De Sutter (Ghent University)
  • 12.30     Lunch Break
  • 14.00     Keynote 2: Bjorn De Sutter  Printable version

Session 2 – Software Protection Evaluation (Session Chair Christian Mönch)

  • 15.00     Code Artificiality: A Metric for the Code Stealth Based on an N-gram Model
    Yuichiro Kanzaki (National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College), Akito Monden (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) and Christian Collberg (University of Arizona)
  • 15.30     Assessment of Data Obfuscation with Residue Number Coding  Printable version
    Biniam Fisseha Demissie (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), Mariano Ceccato (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) and Roberto Tiella (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
  • 16.00     Coffee Break

Session 3 – Formal Methods for Software Protection (Session Chair Jack Davidson)

  • 16.30     Infections as Abstract Symbolic Finite Automata: Formal Model and Applications   Printable version
    Mila Dalla Preda (University of Verona) and Isabella Mastroeni (University of Verona)
  • 17.00     Automatic discovery of software attacks via backward reasoning
    Cataldo Basile (Politecnico di Torino), Daniele Canavese (Politecnico di Torino), Jerome d’Annoville (Gemalto), Bjorn De Sutter (Ghent University) and Fulvio Valenza (Politecnico di Torino)
  • 17.30     A Framework for Measuring Software Obfuscation Resilience against Automated Attacks   Printable version
    Sebastian Banescu (Technische Universität München), Martín Ochoa (Technische Universität München) and Alexander Pretschner (Technische Universität München)
  • 18.00     Workshop closure
  • 20.00     Social dinner (sponsored by NAGRA)

    • Ristorante Paoli
      Via Dei Tavolini 12R